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Inktober 2018

So I’m going to be sort of silent for most of this month. I’m giving myself a break from writing given that I’m still not 100% prepared for the Halloween Spooktacular that I’m doing over on Patreon. So in addition to finishing up the 14 stories I still need for that, so instead of writing, and to use one of my other…I wouldn’t go so far as to call drawing a talent, but I like to do it and I want to get better at it. So I’m going to be doing “Inktober” this year. Normally I just watch from afar and admire, but this year, I decided to jump in. If I don’t practice, I guess I’m never going to get better, right?

Here’s the rules I grabbed from Twitter, in case anyone needs a refresher.

So I’m posting all of the pictures I come up with to my Twitter, and my Instagram, for any who are intersted in checking it out. At the end of the month, or potentially halfway through if I make myself stick with it, I’ll be posting here again to sort of…pat myself on the back. Maybe show if I’ve improved at all.

And, since I started late, and I made a blog post about it, here are the two I did today, or days 1 and 2.

For day 1, I really wanted to draw a black widow spider, or at least draw on accurately on the bottle, but I couldn’t make myself actually look at my phone to search the image without getting sick. My arachnophobia won yet again, but I’m happy I managed to get something spider-shaped on there? And the spiderweb was both fitting and a clever way to cover up an inking mistake.

For day 2, I only feel truly tranquil when I’m creating something, whether it’s drawing, writing, or painting/coloring. It feels unfinished, but I haven’t any idea for what I can add to it right now that’s not going to take away from it, so I left it how it was.

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