About Me

SPN Road
I want to say something witty, but I’ve got nothing. I just like Supernatural. Image taken from Google.

I started writing when I was…little. My very first story, that I never actually wrote down, started when I had the flu when I was somewhere between six and eight years old. I was laying in my parents bed and all my crayons were in this tin jar, and I kept pouring them out and I made up some crazy story about a crayon waterfall. There was also probably something FernGully-ish about it, because…well, I was a child.,and I loved FernGully.

I’ve always loved making up stories. Any kind of fiction. Creative assignments were always my favorites all throughout school. Creative assignments are the only reason I went to college, when my high school English teacher screamed at me because I told her I had no intentions of going. She told me I would be wasting my talent if I didn’t at least try. Her shouty encouragement (shoutivation, if you will) led me to doing some research, and I found a school with a Creative Writing program that sounded promising. Four years after that, I had a BA in Creative Writing and English Studies from Southern Vermont College in Bennington, VT.

I wrote on and off after college, and finally came to a realization in 2016 — six years after I graduated — that writing is a part of who I am; I’m happier when I write. My depression and anxiety are more under control when I’m writing. There’s a certain catharsis to be had when writing speculative fiction.

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