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Podcast – The Short Stories of Augie Peterson

I followed Augie for a little while on Twitter before I realized she had a podcast, and I had to listen to it. I started off listening to a few episodes at a time, in between other things I was listening too when I needed a ‘short’ episode of something to kill a weird 15-20… Continue reading Podcast – The Short Stories of Augie Peterson

movie reviews

Movie Review – The Velocipastor

My friend told me about the movie The Velocipastor, and it sounded deliciously ridiculous, so I knew I had to watch it. That same night, I forced my boyfriend to sit in the living room with me while we subjected ourselves to this…whatever it was what I watched. While I wasn’t going in with super… Continue reading Movie Review – The Velocipastor

Podcast Recommendation

Podcast – Creepy

Creepy is up there on my list of go-to podcasts when I’m not sure what I want to listen to. Part of it is my love of Jon Grilz, but I also love the stories, and how ‘newer’ stories are mixed in with classic creepypastas. It’s another anthology podcast, so it’s nice if you’re looking… Continue reading Podcast – Creepy

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Content Warnings – The Writing Rating System?

Some people love content warnings, other people absolutely despise them. My feelings on the matter are that I can take them or leave them, but I also know the absence of one won't cause any kind of deep emotional/psychological reaction if I stumble upon content I’m not comfortable with. While a little while ago, I… Continue reading Content Warnings – The Writing Rating System?