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The Wicked Library

My story “Night Terrors” features on Episode 819 (season 8, episode 19) of the audio drama podcast The Wicked Library. They’re a bi-weekly podcast, each episode bringing a new story from a fabulous author (and me for some reason). Each episode, unless otherwise stated, also includes a bonus “interview with the author” after the main story to find out more about how the story came to be. You can listen to my story here, or you can find the podcast on just about any major podcast app you choose.


Out Now!Monstronomicon

From Haunted House Publishing and the Nosleep Author Alliance, the Monstronomicon is an insane collection of 100 short stories from 70 different authors. My story, I Think I saw my Sister Yesterday, about a girl looking for her sister in an early post-apocalyptic world, sits alongside many other stories, all featuring a unique monster outside of the well-used vampires, werewolves, zombies or ghouls. Get your copy here.

Proceeds of book sales go to fundraising for a series of short horror films based on the stories within.

47369633_1612543705558344_448749057943273472_oOut Now!

From Haunted House Publishing, The Tavistock Galleria: Short Horror Stories from America’s Retail Wasteland is a collection of stories taking place in a mall. The stories range from a thriving mall to a dying wasteland of dwindling shoppers, to a closed, haunted burial ground of a former retail paradise. My story, Bitchcraft, sits somewhere in the middle, centering around a young man desperate for a summer job, and getting more than he bargained when curiosity gets the better of him at a well-known alternative/goth store. You can get your copy here.

Coming Soon:

I’ve been accepted into an all-women horror anthology entitled Daughters of Darkness. We will have a Kickstarter to raise funding for publication (more info on that as it comes). If you’d like to get updates on the anthology straight to your own inbox, you can sign up for the Daughters of Darkness mailing list here.

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Twitter – Writing updates, personal thoughts, stuff about bands I like; if you want to get to know ME, this is probably your best bet.

Patreon – I post exclusive short stories, patron exclusive blogs, let patrons pick the “genre of the month,” and post exclusive writing on my stories and novels that aren’t available anywhere else.